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Top International Magazines

There are plenty of magazines to be read but are you reading quality? You only need to sample the best and you will drop the rest. There are all sorts of magazines and each has its own cream of the crop.

Fashion magazines

Wonderland Magazine

Based In: United Kingdom

Wonderland is an international, independently published magazine offering a unique perspective on the best new and established talent across all popular culture: fashion, film, music and art.

Stellar Magazine

Based In: Ireland

STELLAR is Ireland’s freshest, fiercest, most fabulous women’s glossy magazine. Packed with all the affordable fashion and beauty must-haves you’d expect from your favorite magazine, they've also got a whole lot more on top of that.

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Gardening is one of most loved hobbies and people are becoming experts at handling plants and soil.  A good portion of this knowledge is derived from gardening magazines and there are several good ones. Country Gardens

A Better Homes & Gardens Special publication. I like this particular magazine because it features real gardeners with different interests and different gardening challenges. I also like the planting diagrams and the way it incorporates garden crafts. Mostly it just makes you remember why you're gardening - because it brings pleasure. The English Garden

This magazine is a wonderful mix of maticulously cared for private gardens and articles about what's new. My favorite feature is at the end of each garden profile, when the owners share their knowledge and tips. Whether you lust after the look of an English garden or just want to hear from some of the most enthusiastic gardens out there, each issue is a treasure.

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Gone are the days when you had to call in the carpenter or designer to come and do some changes in your home for you. There is knowledge in home improvement magazines to enable you do a lot of things by yourself to make your home much more comfortable.

Extreme How-To:

With a name like Extreme How-To, how can you not like this magazine? When I first heard the name, I imagined base jumping off a cliff with a tool belt on, and then doing a fly-by roof repair while lining up for my parachute landing in the front yard. Turns out most of their articles don’t involve things like sky-diving, bungee jumping or skateboard aerials. Instead, they’re a treasure trove of how-to projects (go figure), tips, detailed tool reviews and advertising. When I say advertising, I mean they’ve got a lot of ads in the magazine. Unlike tons of ads on TV or radio, I actually like them. I’ve found some very unique products advertised on the pages of Extreme how-to. Note to all Extreme How-To advertisers, you should advertise on too. Subscribe to Extreme How-To for about $19 (9 issues, 1 year)

Fine Homebuilding:

The Taunton Press puts out about eight issues of Fine Homebuilding a year, and those issues go to over a quarter million paid subscribers. That’s about how many people visit HomeFixated each day (not really, but we’re shooting for that eventually). Fine Homebuilding is loaded with detailed how-to content, but they’re also not afraid to delve into design related topics. The crew at Fine Homebuilding take their tools seriously, so their tool guide is definitely not one to miss. And I like Chuck Miller’s tips, partly because they’re really useful, and partly because he’s man enough to wear a tool vest in his “There’s a Better Way” videos. Subscribe to Fine Homebuilding for about $38 (8 issues, 1 year).

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