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The Great Lure Of Africa’s Game On A Kilimanjaro Safari Tour

Having lived in Africa all my life and working for a Kilimanjaro safari tour company, I have - and still do have many personal experiences of this. More importantly, most of my work practices have also enabled my living very close to - and amongst the great nature unique to Africa. More importantly, most of my work practices have also enabled my living very close to - and amongst the great nature unique to Africa.

I feel privileged experiencing this and would love to show you all what it's like - or at least some of the best for a start.

My favourite African animal: Baboon

For ease of reference, let's just say, "baboons". These mischevious and versatile creatures have the world's best advantage in Africa!

They witness what most humans never can. The amazing culture of the elephant - and amazing it is! My accounts of the elephant kingdom run parallel with documented history - they are extremely human-like. A mother doing creche duty was desperate as the youngest fell to the ground, tired and thirsty. One by one, none of the members gave up. Patiently, they urged and urged - it was over a five-hour process. The baboons moved just a little closer, their anxiety for the baby elephant prevalent. Females shared baby caring duties with unusually quiet dedication. Males watched from the trees. Even to my weary eyes and relief, the baby elephant finally started to rise. The baboons pitched a language of their own demonstrating an atmosphere of positivity. It was awsome to experience as the tempo rised until baby elephant was strong enough to take a step or two.

The baboons went out to play, orchestrating both relief and their own return of mischief. Babies and mothers ran races and circles - a sight to see! If one has any emotion, one can't help but feel what they do! As we drove along, so they employed their fine art of branch-swinging, grabbing their lunch en route. Watching these creatures not only revealed fruits, fauna and flora one doesn't normally note - but also the awareness of more looming ahead from whichever angle was next. Akin to the elephants and other animals, their passion for their young was the most prevalent feature. Keenly tuned, I was aware of sudden hyped noises and then a respectful silence by the baboons as I arrived at a scene of lions. Mothers were dedicated in their quiet and mutual handling of the babies whilst the males guardedly watched the "King of the Jungle". And his wives who were lazy in confidence, yet obedient.

In central Kruger National Park where conditions are stony and dry, a lioness hunted dogedly on. It was evident she had a litter stashed somewhere. She covered miles undaunted and so did a small clan of baboons - their curiosity quiet but amazing and what would they glean out of it? As with all our African animals, specifically the Big Five in this case which was my focus for the time being, they are undaunted in procreation and sustaining their babies at all costs. The action was too sudden and fast - basically done with before I could aim a camera lens. She'd made her kill and headed back with a speed. It was exciting! Magic! And the baboons screamed in what I hoped was celebration. They missed nothing. In fact to successfully get to the action of any great African animal, all one has to do is monitor the baboons although in this case the ugly vultures circling above are often a leading and faster method of tracing the great lions out to feed - or merely relaxing days after a feed. The change in the behaviour of the baboons was and is significant as opposed to their shouts of concern for the baby elephant.

Early one morning, a more stunning photo of a leopard and it's kill in a tree, I couldn't have wished for. She was in gestation and guarded and I wasn't going to disturb this majestic animal with too many photos - as it was, I had to use extensive flashing and buffering to avoid a colour mis-balance. Again, the baboons were there in awe. They love meat! Mostly because humans deviated from the rules by feeding them. Mother leopard was cautious and pulled her kill up and down as if to move on. The baboons backed off. Trailed on the side of the road for a mile or two, the mothers continued their creche activities. One mother passed to another - but not without humane contact ensuring the baby was fine with the next mother. I distracted from the leopard totally when something along the line of baboons seemed odd. A mother walking slowly and sitting often. Drawing closer, she was still nurturing a baby that had very obviously recently died. Her agony was obvious and albeit she was alone in form, from a remote distance, many baboons were sitting anxiously and intensely.

It is this kind of love and humane demonstrativity so obvious that makes Africa's animals unique. One doesn't have to drive far, get through adverse weather conditions - just take a drive in one day, not in haste, to witness this awsome set of relationships and the pecking order - a vital aspect even by human standards.

Baboons have little interest in the massive Rhino (Rhinocerous). And in a way I can't blame them. These enormous animals tend to settle within a small radius of plantation and graze and keep to grazing. They're a sight to see with their eyes almost on their noses, amazinglingly cumbersome bodies, making it difficult sometimes to tell whether the females are in fact with baby inside. Unless angered, both black and white Rhino graze peacefully but highly astutely in their zone. Their only mildly apparent frustration being the huge flies and sometimes the birds who travel and feed off minute creatures on their backs and heads, taking on some irritating and overpowering moves. When a Rhino crosses a road directly in front of one, and one examines the feet - it's an almighty animal! As with the elephant - the feet tell a lifetime - a much endangered species in Africa!

Particularly the Rhino due to the horn and upper skull considered as an aphrodisiac in various cultures of the world, these beautiful African marvels, often killed just for those parts to be removed. And that is when the baboons arrive at the scene, maintaining a sad, respectful distance. It's one of those times when many a baboon will be seen pulling it's hands over it's eyes or ears as if in defiance and rebellion!

The difference between the Black and the White Rhino: A study not currently to hand would have to be conducted to establish why the names were allocated. The Black Rhino's primary difference is a more pointed mouth and jaw allowing it to grasp at tougher plants and bushes, whilst the White Rhino's jaw, particularly the mouth is flat and it grazes on soft grasslands and leaves. There are actually colour variences across both species.

The Buffalo is perhaps one of the most outstanding, yet most secretive African animal. With huge bosses on their heads, often reflecting bitter fights, they graze and the only time one is aware of their alertness, is when they lift their heads to give a one-on-one stare or peep up with the whites of their eyes sometimes showing. When calving, the baboons are again in celebration. I am not sure the buffalo quite feel that way about the baboons - their body language remains almost hostile and yet relaxed. They accumulate and move in massive heards along the same or similar dedicated routes - but also go into hiding very well for not only their individual sizes, but heard sizes at calving times. A heard will easily stamped a perceived threat, like a vehicle with a stripe in bright colours, for to them and elephants, that is the same as the helicopters used for darting them for tagging and monitoring. Ironically, in the Swaziland state of South Africa, many are so tame that a person can touch them and feel their wet noses nudging in to one's shoulder. A stunning experience!

In Africa, within a day mostly, one has seen all of the Big Five, often with the exception of the leopard who operates with stealth before sunrise or during the night and they're hard to spot - with their spots! Along the way however, the baboon family continue, with mornings as feeding time and dusk as playtime. And play they do!

The naked beauty of African animals is only revealed in the reality of the accompanying terraine, witnessing all the other significant African animals either grazing, resting under shade in the overtly high mid-day temperatures, bathing in mud or dust, looking worse than before or in amazing territorial manouvres and fights with the youngsters, frisky and playing, obvlious to the stark realities of survival - and survival it is.

The Impala are famous for their horn-butting rituals in the open. The whiplash, deep-sounding cracks are certainly painful in my imagination as they fight for their seasonal females, just as the fat, cheeky Zebra mingle with the "Wildebees" and Warthogs (similar to wild pigs) prefering to be together, providing brilliant viewing as their habits coincide. The bird life, ranging from tiny, colourful wild birds to the predators change across the vast portions of Africa - each within it's own chosen eco system. An abundance of rivers, but only a few large ones give rise to the Nile Crocodiles, Hippo's and storking birdlife, most of such birdlife migratory. One's not to forget the smaller side of life - the famous Dung Beetle rolling a maticulously rounded piece of large animal dropping for endless yards and miles where it will lay it's eggs to breed. The cautious Chamelion crossing a hot road with both eyes in all directions and oddly, not changing to the colour of the road... Or the Chamelion hanging on a fully decked branch of leaves next to your head - that's not quite so comfortable at all! Yet, they're minding their own business and harmless, unlike the Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino who command the most respect.

At sunset, there's nothing nicer than refreshments on the bank of a river at a camp - or even where there isn't a river. Lulling slowly into a South African Braai (Barbeque),with the sounds of the Fish Eagles, the busy Weaver birds and of course the Baboons putting their babies to bed with humerous chasing, screaming and an occasional spank. And if one waits up a little longer, the Lion calls in the night! The Elephants can be heard passing by secretively and long before that, the calls of the Hyena, Wild Dog and Jackal can be heard. It's when darkeness has descended and coals are embers, African Animals take on a sound and unique form challenging heavy eyelids!

What To See In Cordoba

This article was provided by Beverly Dearden When she has free time, Beverly loves to visit other towns and cities in her adopted country and write about her experiences. If you are looking for a Costa Blanca property, your property search stops here.

5 Things You Need To Experience On Your Costa Rica Trip

If you have not yet experienced the best holiday in the world, then, going to Costa Rica will absolutely make you see how spectacular God's production were. With its great warm temperate environment and abundant nature, you can do numerous things while you enjoy your grand holiday trip in Costa Rica.

Of course, to make the most from your break, it is best to bear in mind of the recommended activities in the area. These things will certainly make your time in Costa Rica something worth keeping in mind all your life.

Here are 5 things you must experience on your Costa Rica getaway.

1. White water rafting.

Costa Rica offers a number of the worlds finest white water rafting rivers. These remarkable kinds of waters will let you dive into the unidentified tropical boondocks of Costa Rica.

Whether you are a newbie or a knowledgeable white water rafter, a traveler or a nature enthusiast, it is extremely important to experience white water rafting in Costa Rica. If you will not try it, you will never ever know the kind of experience that awaits you.

2. Aerial adventures.

With its abundant tropical rain forests, Costa Rica can give you one of the worlds best natural parks. The best method to enjoy these extraordinary functions is to try the Aerial Adventures. This describes a chairlift- design trip that was developed for optimal wildlife and bird viewing.

Aerial Adventures is the ultimate option to cable television trips, particularly if you are among those couple of individuals who gets scared with hanging cable televisions mounted on top of the trees.

3. Beach escapades.

If you think you have actually already seen the very best beaches worldwide, reconsider! If you have not yet checked out Costa Ricas beautiful beaches, then you are almost missing half of the bets things life needs to use.

It is a need to that you try and experience plunging into its charming beaches when you have your getaway in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has a long variety of attractive beach resorts and very first- class hotel accommodations. In the Caribbean Coast, you can go to Cahuita, a mini Oceanside neighborhood, with a stunning nationwide park connected to it. This location can provide you the best snorkeling and swimming experience.

While on the Pacific Coast, you can visit Playa Samara, among Costa Ricas sensational white sand beaches. It is blessed outstanding reef located in tranquil, shallow Costa Rica waters.

4. Wind surfing . With the strong Tradewinds blowing within the area, wind surfing has actually been among the most sought after activity every visitor would like to experience.

Amongst the many lakes situated in Costa Rica, Lake Arenal is among the finest windsurfing sites on the planet. Compared with Columbias River Gorge and Lake Garda of Italy, Lake Arenals Tradewinds produces winds with amazing strength.

Reports say that all through the dry season, the average wind speed amounts to 33 miles per hour. Just the professional windsurfers can handle this speed.

With excellent equipments and superior wind browsing ability, you will absolutely enjoy this fun activity while you remain in Costa Rica.

5. Fishing and Scuba diving.

If you will experience this in Costa Rica, fishing and Scuba diving will never ever be the exact same again. With its popular, Manuel Antonio National Park and Quepos, you can just be ensured of an amazing holiday near the waters.

Quepos Manuel Antonio is the place that created Costa Ricas world recognition. Blessed with lots of kinds of fishes, anglers will definitely have a grand time catching the very best inshore and blue water fishes worldwide. You can also have a taste of fresh water fishes at Lake Arenal.

If you want a more severe adventure, you ought to try scuba diving. With Costa Ricas great coral reef, you will certainly enjoy your time under water.

All of these things are absolutely some of the very best activities you should experience on your Costa Rica holiday. Otherwise, it will just be like your other trip journeys.

If so, then, there is no much better location than the amazing waters of Costa Ricas breathtaking beaches and lakes. If you truly want to experience the grandest holiday getaway you can ever think of, take a plunge and check out the wonders of Costa Rica, check- in to its world- class hotels, and the rest, as lots of individuals say, is a legend.

With its abundant tropical rain forests, Costa Rica can give you one of the worlds finest natural parks. Costa Rica has a long range of glamorous beach resorts and first- class hotel accommodations. Quepos Manuel Antonio is the place that created Costa Ricas world recognition.

Top 10 Beaches In Wales For That Perfect Summer Getaway

Rhossili Bay - Home to the National Nature Reserve Worms Head, Rhossili Bays picturesque 3-mile stretch of golden sand with clear waters reflecting the warm blue sky like one gigantic mirror is a must-visit if you want to experience a world-class beach experience. In this part of Wales, cottages by the sea are in plentiful supply for holidaymakers to enjoy.

Three Cliffs Bay - Boasting of fine powdery beaches, a sparkling river, a medieval castle, and a carboniferous limestone formation that provides the foundation for the imperious three cliffs jutting out into the bay, Three Cliffs Bay in Gower is one marvellous seaside spectacle.

Broad Haven South - If youre heading to Pembrokeshire, you must visit its most popular leisure and recreation spot since the late 17th century. Broad Haven South has been playing host to thousands of beachgoers for its large golden beaches with fine powdery sands washed by the warm waters of the sea.

Freshwater West - What does Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have in common with Robin Hood by Ridley Scott? Well, both had scenes that featured the wide beach of Pembrokeshires Freshwater West. And if you would like to have a taste of what the famous celebrities of these movies experienced, then head to this part of Wales.

Newgale Sands - For surfers and kitesurfers, both aspiring and pros, the two-mile stretch of golden sandy beach in Newgale Sands provides the perfect backdrop for spectacular surfing tricks. This beach in Pembrokeshire is famous for its pebble bank that was formed in 1859 after a severe storm.

Tenby North - This beach is located between Tenbys North Cliffs and Harbour Beach lined with a promenade constructed specifically for visitors wanting to get a glimpse of its sandy beaches and blue waters.

Llangrannog - A favourite among families, Llangrannog Beach in Ceredigion provides an excellent opportunity to walk the coast with seawater lapping at your feet. And if you get tired, then there are a lot of cafes and pubs in the area to recharge.

Caswell Bay - Located in Gower is the beach for couples and romantics for its stunning sunset views by the beach. Caswell Bay provides some of the most dramatic sunsets in Wales; perfect for renewing romantic ties.

Saundersfoot - This beach may be small but it is one of Wales most popular. It is home to the famous cooking championship competition, The World Crawl.

The beaches of Wales provide stunning sea views and truly enjoyable water activities. These beaches are fine locations for truly memorable summer vacations.

Where To Book Your Next Seaside Cottage

If you are looking for cottages by the sea to rent for a wonderful family holiday, then make sure to look at these places.


Search for sea view cottages in villages like Mumbles, Llandudno, and Tenby for a memorable family stay. Young children will go crazy making sandcastles in the North Shore of Llandudno, and the whole family can walk along the Victorian pier with some ice cream on hand. Rhos-on-Sea, on the other hand, is better for older kids who might want to try out some water activities like surfing or fishing. Kimmel Bay, on the other hand, has wonderful views and a beach perfect for admiring the sea.


You might not imagine Scotland to be a beach destination, but if you are searching for wonderful sea views, then this is the place for you. Its rugged coastlines are perfect for those who look for a quiet holiday. The picturesque views of white sand on the North coast and the islands that can be seen from the coast will inspire the artist in you to take lots of pictures or even attempt to paint the landscape.


This quintessential beach region deserves its reputation for being the most popular summer destination. Dont worry, because there many self-catering cottages to choose from despite its popularity. Your children will love the idea of living so close to the beach where they can spend many hours having fun. Surfing is also quite popular in this region, an attractive option for those with teenage kids. Beyond the beach, there are many wonderful hiking trails to view the indescribable scenery that will never cease to take your breath away.


Devon is synonymous to jaw-dropping cliffs that you should definitely see at least once in your life. The south part offers its own charms, filled with rugged and hidden coves that will give you enough to do while staying in one of their quaint cottages.


Renting a cottage here is not just going to give you access to scenic sea views, cliffs, and impressive rock formations. You can take a travel through time on the Jurassic Coast, Englands first natural World Heritage Site. 185 million years of history can be discovered by exploring this site. Not only is this a perfect seaside destination for you and your family, its also a great place to instil in your kids some interest in history and the sciences.

Finding self-accommodating cottages will be a breeze in all these five destinations, as you simply have many to choose from. You can easily find the perfect one regardless of what your preferences and budget are. But rest assured that by opting for your own cottage, you can enjoy wonderful rooms for less the price of a hotel, and maybe be able to find some amazing amenities or extras, like literally being a few steps away from the beach.