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5 Things You Need To Experience On Your Costa Rica Trip

Are you worn out and broken? Do you need a break? If so, then, there is no better place than the amazing waters of Costa Rica’s breathtaking beaches, rivers and lakes. If you actually want to experience the grandest vacation getaway you can ever picture, take a plunge and check out the wonders of Costa Rica, check into its world-class hotels, and the rest, as many people state, is a saga.

With 46,768 species of various animals and insects such as orchids, birds, butterflies, and freshwater fishes, Costa Rica is a place where nature generously rests on its 51,100 sq. km of pristine land.

Surrounding the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is the home of luscious tropical rain forests, charming beaches, reef, mangrove swamps, cloud forests, volcanoes, and a large set- up of rivers and lakes. With these impressive features, Costa Rica is among the worlds most terrific vacation locations.

If you have not yet experienced the best holiday in the world, then, going to Costa Rica will absolutely make you see how spectacular God’s production were.
With its great warm temperate environment and abundant nature, you can do numerous things while you enjoy your grand holiday trip in Costa Rica.

Of course, to make the most from your break, it is best to bear in mind of the recommended activities in the area. These things will certainly make your time in Costa Rica something worth keeping in mind all your life.

Here are 5 things you must experience on your Costa Rica getaway.

1. White water rafting.

Costa Rica offers a number of the worlds finest white water rafting rivers. These remarkable kinds of waters will let you dive into the unidentified tropical boondocks of Costa Rica.

Whether you are a newbie or a knowledgeable white water rafter, a traveler or a nature enthusiast, it is extremely important to experience white water rafting in Costa Rica. If you will not try it, you will never ever know the kind of experience that awaits you.

2. Aerial adventures.

With its abundant tropical rain forests, Costa Rica can give you one of the worlds best natural parks. The best method to enjoy these extraordinary functions is to try the Aerial Adventures. This describes a chairlift- design trip that was developed for optimal wildlife and bird viewing.

Aerial Adventures is the ultimate option to cable television trips, particularly if you are among those couple of individuals who gets scared with hanging cable televisions mounted on top of the trees.

3. Beach escapades.

If you think you have actually already seen the very best beaches worldwide, reconsider! If you have not yet checked out Costa Ricas beautiful beaches, then you are almost missing half of the bets things life needs to use.

It is a need to that you try and experience plunging into its charming beaches when you have your getaway in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has a long variety of attractive beach resorts and very first- class hotel accommodations. In the Caribbean Coast, you can go to Cahuita, a mini Oceanside neighborhood, with a stunning nationwide park connected to it. This location can provide you the best snorkeling and swimming experience.

While on the Pacific Coast, you can visit Playa Samara, among Costa Ricas sensational white sand beaches. It is blessed outstanding reef located in tranquil, shallow Costa Rica waters.

4. Wind surfing
. With the strong Tradewinds blowing within the area, wind surfing has actually been among the most sought after activity every visitor would like to experience.

Amongst the many lakes situated in Costa Rica, Lake Arenal is among the finest windsurfing sites on the planet. Compared with Columbias River Gorge and Lake Garda of Italy, Lake Arenals Tradewinds produces winds with amazing strength.

Reports say that all through the dry season, the average wind speed amounts to 33 miles per hour. Just the professional windsurfers can handle this speed.

With excellent equipments and superior wind browsing ability, you will absolutely enjoy this fun activity while you remain in Costa Rica.

5. Fishing and Scuba diving.

If you will experience this in Costa Rica, fishing and Scuba diving will never ever be the exact same again. With its popular, Manuel Antonio National Park and Quepos, you can just be ensured of an amazing holiday near the waters.

Quepos Manuel Antonio is the place that created Costa Ricas world recognition. Blessed with lots of kinds of fishes, anglers will definitely have a grand time catching the very best inshore and blue water fishes worldwide. You can also have a taste of fresh water fishes at Lake Arenal.

If you want a more severe adventure, you ought to try scuba diving. With Costa Ricas great coral reef, you will certainly enjoy your time under water.

All of these things are absolutely some of the very best activities you should experience on your Costa Rica holiday. Otherwise, it will just be like your other trip journeys.

If so, then, there is no much better location than the amazing waters of Costa Ricas breathtaking beaches and lakes. If you truly want to experience the grandest holiday getaway you can ever think of, take a plunge and check out the wonders of Costa Rica, check- in to its world- class hotels, and the rest, as lots of individuals say, is a legend.

With its abundant tropical rain forests, Costa Rica can give you one of the worlds finest natural parks. Costa Rica has a long range of glamorous beach resorts and first- class hotel accommodations. Quepos Manuel Antonio is the place that created Costa Ricas world recognition.

Top 10 Beaches In Wales For That Perfect Summer Getaway

It is not really surprising if Wales is consistently ranked by tourists, travellers and experts alike as one of the UKs, and Europes best places especially when it comes to beach holidays and activities. Here are ten beaches in Wales that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and warmth in your soul particularly during the summer months.

Barafundle Bay – This bay in Pembrokeshire boasts of being consistently voted as one of the finest beaches anywhere in the world. Its golden sand is unmatched and unspoiled by human commercial activity. Its one of those few beaches where you can really enjoy the beach without getting distracted by commercial endeavours.

Rhossili Bay – Home to the National Nature Reserve Worms Head, Rhossili Bays picturesque 3-mile stretch of golden sand with clear waters reflecting the warm blue sky like one gigantic mirror is a must-visit if you want to experience a world-class beach experience. In this part of Wales, cottages by the sea are in plentiful supply for holidaymakers to enjoy.

Three Cliffs Bay – Boasting of fine powdery beaches, a sparkling river, a medieval castle, and a carboniferous limestone formation that provides the foundation for the imperious three cliffs jutting out into the bay, Three Cliffs Bay in Gower is one marvellous seaside spectacle.

Broad Haven South – If youre heading to Pembrokeshire, you must visit its most popular leisure and recreation spot since the late 17th century. Broad Haven South has been playing host to thousands of beachgoers for its large golden beaches with fine powdery sands washed by the warm waters of the sea.

Freshwater West – What does Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have in common with Robin Hood by Ridley Scott? Well, both had scenes that featured the wide beach of Pembrokeshires Freshwater West. And if you would like to have a taste of what the famous celebrities of these movies experienced, then head to this part of Wales.

Newgale Sands – For surfers and kitesurfers, both aspiring and pros, the two-mile stretch of golden sandy beach in Newgale Sands provides the perfect backdrop for spectacular surfing tricks. This beach in Pembrokeshire is famous for its pebble bank that was formed in 1859 after a severe storm.

Tenby North – This beach is located between Tenbys North Cliffs and Harbour Beach lined with a promenade constructed specifically for visitors wanting to get a glimpse of its sandy beaches and blue waters.

Llangrannog – A favourite among families, Llangrannog Beach in Ceredigion provides an excellent opportunity to walk the coast with seawater lapping at your feet. And if you get tired, then there are a lot of cafes and pubs in the area to recharge.

Caswell Bay – Located in Gower is the beach for couples and romantics for its stunning sunset views by the beach. Caswell Bay provides some of the most dramatic sunsets in Wales; perfect for renewing romantic ties.

Saundersfoot – This beach may be small but it is one of Wales most popular. It is home to the famous cooking championship competition, The World Crawl.

The beaches of Wales provide stunning sea views and truly enjoyable water activities. These beaches are fine locations for truly memorable summer vacations.

Where To Book Your Next Seaside Cottage

There are many seaside cottages that are for rent all over the UK, and they are the perfect solution for a family holiday. An alternative to hotels, self-catering cottages allow you and your family to have more freedom and privacy. For example, traveling with children and especially babies can be tricky when you are feeding them special food or they are taking formula milk. In these situations, you would much rather stay in a home-away-from-home, with complete amenities you definitely need.

If you are looking for cottages by the sea to rent for a wonderful family holiday, then make sure to look at these places.


Search for sea view cottages in villages like Mumbles, Llandudno, and Tenby for a memorable family stay. Young children will go crazy making sandcastles in the North Shore of Llandudno, and the whole family can walk along the Victorian pier with some ice cream on hand. Rhos-on-Sea, on the other hand, is better for older kids who might want to try out some water activities like surfing or fishing. Kimmel Bay, on the other hand, has wonderful views and a beach perfect for admiring the sea.


You might not imagine Scotland to be a beach destination, but if you are searching for wonderful sea views, then this is the place for you. Its rugged coastlines are perfect for those who look for a quiet holiday. The picturesque views of white sand on the North coast and the islands that can be seen from the coast will inspire the artist in you to take lots of pictures or even attempt to paint the landscape.


This quintessential beach region deserves its reputation for being the most popular summer destination. Dont worry, because there many self-catering cottages to choose from despite its popularity. Your children will love the idea of living so close to the beach where they can spend many hours having fun. Surfing is also quite popular in this region, an attractive option for those with teenage kids. Beyond the beach, there are many wonderful hiking trails to view the indescribable scenery that will never cease to take your breath away.


Devon is synonymous to jaw-dropping cliffs that you should definitely see at least once in your life. The south part offers its own charms, filled with rugged and hidden coves that will give you enough to do while staying in one of their quaint cottages.


Renting a cottage here is not just going to give you access to scenic sea views, cliffs, and impressive rock formations. You can take a travel through time on the Jurassic Coast, Englands first natural World Heritage Site. 185 million years of history can be discovered by exploring this site. Not only is this a perfect seaside destination for you and your family, its also a great place to instil in your kids some interest in history and the sciences.

Finding self-accommodating cottages will be a breeze in all these five destinations, as you simply have many to choose from. You can easily find the perfect one regardless of what your preferences and budget are. But rest assured that by opting for your own cottage, you can enjoy wonderful rooms for less the price of a hotel, and maybe be able to find some amazing amenities or extras, like literally being a few steps away from the beach.