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Michael Buble Did It His Way!

Originating from Canada, Michael Buble is a musician whose career has been influenced by Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra. Everything started the day Michael became the winner of the Youth Talent Search in British Columbia. This contest turned him into an overnight sensation and enabled him win four Grammy Awards and reach no 1 on the charts with a few of his songs. Buble's interest in jazz and classic soul music was awakened by his grandfather, Demetrio Santanga, who allowed Michael listen to his records of Tony Bennett, Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Buble was immediately hooked, this being the beginning of his brilliant musical career. His performance at the British Columbia Youth Talent Search enabled Buble to record his first independent CD, with the help of Beverly Delich. His grandfather had the brilliant idea to offer free plumbing services to all those who would support his grandson in his musical career. Bubble played the role of Elvis in Red Rock Diner in 1996. Debbie Timuss, who also had a role in this musical, partnered with Buble in forever Swing, a musical in Toronto. While these roles brought him a certain level of recognition, the turning point in Buble's career was his performance at one of Michael McSweeney's parties. McSweeney, the former Prime Minister of Canada, was so impressed with Michael's performance, that he personally sent the artist's independent album to all his friends and acquaintances. Shortly after, the album was discovered by the Prime Minster and his wife. They invited Buble to sing at their daughter's wedding in 2000. His personal interpretation of Mack the Knife turned Buble into an overnight success. Producer David Foster, who also attended this wedding, was impressed by Buble, so he signed him to a record deal. This is how Buble released his first important album in 2003. This album has become extremely successful, hitting no 1 in Australia and Top Ten in Canada and in the UK. Juno Awards brought Buble the Best New Talent title. One year later, he released his third solo album. This album sold in over five million copies and it was the most popular hit on the Canadian radio. It also hit number 1 in more than ten countries and maintained its top positions for two years in a row. Next, Buble scored another Juno Award, a nomination for ECHO and one for the Brits Award. Moreover, Michael won four Grammies for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. This is a noticeable performance. Over recent years, Buble has transcended to the very top-most echelons of popular music around the world. In recognition of that a new entertainment type has become more an more common. These are the extremely professional Michael Buble impersonator acts who have appeared on the scene to fulfil the public's demand for this artists music and stage show. With such recognition, there's little prospect Michael's star will wane any time soon and we can expect him to go on performing to sell-out crowds for many more years to come.